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Friday, October 27, 2023

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3 Reasons to Create Consistency in Your Healthy Lifestyle

We've all been there; you start a new "diet" with lofty hopes and dreams of your ideal body finally coming to fruition. In your mind, you're already there, feeling amazing in your body. Confident, lean, toned, and oh so sexy. Convinced that this diet will work like magic, you go all in.

Sure, it's a rigid diet, and you'll have to give up most of the foods and drinks you love most, but you're so focused on the promises of following the plan that you overlook the reality of sticking to it.

At first, you're feeling pretty good, losing some weight, noticing you have more energy, and your clothes might start fitting a little better. You are thrilled with your progress, despite feeling restricted, cranky, or resentful of your friends and family who are still enjoying YOUR favorites.

You are so happy with your progress that you have started thinking that you don't have to be so strict anymore. You begin to loosen up on the "diet"; after all, it's working. And slowly but surely, you revert to your old patterns and choices.

Before you know it, the weight you lost is back, your energy is low again, and just as you had begun to fit into your skinny jeans, you feel like a stuffed sausage if you button them up.

A few months go by; frustrated and discouraged with yourself, you decide to try yet another diet. This time, you're sure you'll stick to it. But a few weeks in, it ends the same as the last time you dieted.
If this sounds familiar, you are not alone.

This brings me to Reason #1 for choosing a consistently healthy lifestyle.

Yo-yo dieting is a vicious cycle of restrictive dieting followed by reverting to old habits. Yo-yoing results in unhealthy weight loss and weight gain and can cause long-term health issues, including increased risk of heart disease, heart attack, high blood pressure, diabetes, and increased body fat percentage at the expense of lowered muscle mass.
Yikes! If that isn't enough for you to ditch dieting, let me shed light on some other BENEFITS of choosing consistency.

Reason #2 to create consistency in your healthy lifestyle.

More freedom. Yes, you gain more freedom when you create consistency in your healthy lifestyle. When you lead a life of conscious and consistent healthy choices, you can stop worrying when you mess up because you know exactly how to get back on track. In fact, messing up and veering off course is part of the plan! It's not about being perfect; it's about being aware of when you stray from the path and how quickly you course correctly. When you're consistent, know that all the healthy choices add up and compound over time.

Reason #3 to create consistency in your healthy lifestyle.

A consistently healthy lifestyle will enhance your entire life and overall health and happiness. From increased energy to healthy weight management, improved fitness, better sleep, more confidence in yourself, and knowing that when you create and maintain consistency, you will never have to start over again.

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