5 Essentials of Self Love

Tuesday, January 16, 2024

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"Love yourself first, and everything else falls in line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world." ~ Lucille Ball

You're not alone if you love your children, spouse, parents, or other significant people more than you love yourself. Many people find that loving others before themselves comes more naturally. You may even think loving others first is the right thing to do. However, loving others before yourself will leave you with a hole in your soul that only you can fill.

Self-love and care are ESSENTIAL to your health, happiness, and ability to love others as they deserve fully. Yet many of us, especially moms, fail to prioritize self-love and care. We get caught up in the busyness of life, constantly pouring everything we have into our families, work, and responsibilities, leaving ourselves last on the to-do list.

And the sad part is we aren't the only ones who suffer because of this lack of attention to our self-love and care. Our children and spouses are often on the receiving end of our stressed-out, tired, depleted, and empty tanks.

But the good news is that taking care of yourself might be easier and more accessible than you think! It doesn't have to be a day at the spa or a weekend away (although there is nothing wrong with either of those).

Self-love and care can and should be a part of your daily living. And before you say you don't have time or resources to make that happen, I'm going to stop you right there and give you the five essentials of self-love and care that you can do on any budget and at any time.

#1- Speak with love and kindness to yourself. How we speak to ourselves comes out in our actions. To show love and acceptance to others, you must start with yourself. Consider how often you criticize yourself. Do you find yourself saying things about yourself that you would never say to a friend or, worse yet, your child? Make it a habit to speak kindness and affirmations to yourself and watch your outlook on your life, and yourself transform.

#2- Remove all judgment. Stop feeling guilty about pouring into yourself. You are the most important person in your life, which does not make you selfish! There is no one else that can practice self-love and care for you. Embrace your desires, quiet your mind, and refill your cup as often as needed.

#3- Personalize it! If you love reading, then read! If you need quiet time, give yourself some quiet time and space. If moving your body fills you up, then do that! If you love massages, get one! There is only one you; therefore, what fills you up can only be determined by you. Don't be afraid to honor yourself and your desires. Fill your cup with what brings you rest, recovery, and respite.

#4- Practice it often. Self-love and care shouldn't be reserved for special occasions. Just as you need to sleep, eat, and drink to live, ensure you fill your cup often to keep your soul alive. Get creative in filling your cup if you're in the thick of life with limited spare time. A five-minute quiet time can go a long way on a busy day.

#5- Make it non-negotiable. It's easy to put off taking care of yourself but do your best to make it a part of life, a habit, and a non-negotiable. Do everything in your power to practice self-love and care daily. Never underestimate the ripple effect of taking a brief moment for yourself. When practiced consistently, self-love and care will become a part of who you are, and the results will compound and continue to reward you along this life journey.

Now go out and love yourself as you've never loved before!

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