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Tuesday, January 16, 2024

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While watching my boys play and fight, as siblings do, it's not hard to see where we get the idea of blaming others. Just think of any classic movie where a kid gets in trouble or caught, and they instantly blame someone else for the wrongdoing.

It's not human nature, but it is a pretty common occurrence. And, for most, it doesn't end in adolescence; it follows through to adulthood, causing more issues that it resolves.

There is a danger in this thought pattern, though. Blaming, whether it be another person, circumstance, or thing, is an extremely costly behavior. When you blame, you tell your subconscious that you can't solve the issue. That there is nothing you can do. And what your subconscious believes becomes true.
When you blame, you take your power away. You are giving up and surrendering to whatever you're unhappy about.

So, if blaming takes your power away, the opposite must be true. You gain unlimited power when you take ownership of your circumstances and experiences!

When you take ownership of every aspect of your life, from health, relationships, finances, and more, you harness the most potent energy source possible. This energy can bring radical changes when you stop blaming and start owning your life.

How would your life change if you didn't make excuses for not making it to the gym (blame) and just made the time and arrangements necessary (ownership)? How about instead of silently resenting your spouse who doesn't plan dates (blame), you made reservations and asked them out on a date (ownership)? Or if instead of feeling sorry for yourself in your unsatisfying job (blame), you focused and worked towards your dreams (ownership)?

Do you see the difference? When we take ownership of every area of our life, we move the needle in the desired direction instead of pouring salt on the wound or burying our heads in the sand.

Taking complete ownership instead of blaming will change everything when you are ready. It's nobody else's job to fix, help, or live your life. It's your life and your mind. Nobody has the power to make you feel anything without your permission, and your life's circumstances, health, relationships, etc., are nobody's doing's but your own.

The bottom line, when you harness the power of ownership, you become unstoppable. If you want to be healthy, take ownership. If you want to have a happy marriage, take ownership. If you want to be successful in business and finances, take ownership.
Everything you want is on the other side of blame.

Now, own your life!

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