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Tuesday, January 16, 2024

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Every single one of us deals with some level of stress. Whether big or small, internal or external, stress affects everyone at some point. Life is full of potential stressors: demanding jobs, aging parents, sick children, financial issues, relocations, traffic, injuries, and setbacks are a few examples. You see, no one is exempt from stress. But how we deal with it can affect all aspects of our life. Knowing that we can not altogether avoid stress, let's dive into some healthy ways to manage your stress.

*Controls and redirection. Controls can be food or non-food-related. When faced with stress, if your first instinct is to grab a cookie or binge eat your favorite food, this will be key. An example of food control would be having a healthy choice, such as a piece of fruit, a small amount of air-popped popcorn, or a cup of tea. Being prepared with this control ahead of time is essential. Use this method when you know you're going to eat, regardless of whether you're hungry or not. A few examples of non-food control would be calling a friend, painting your nails, reading a book, or journaling. In other words, a non-food control is something you do to redirect your brain and focus on something else besides the stressor or mindless eating.

*Meditate. Meditation is proven to help reduce stress by slowing the heart rate and quieting the mind. Don't worry if you're not a meditation expert; countless apps and videos help guide you through your practice.

*Exercise! You've heard this one before, and it's for a good reason. Moving your body helps reduce the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline and increases the production of endorphins, natural painkillers, and mood boosters. That's a win-win! Plus, when your body moves, your mind is released from thinking about the daily stresses, and creativity starts to run more freely. In addition to feeling better mentally, when exercise becomes a part of your lifestyle, you'll also begin to look better and have increased self-confidence.

*Talk it out. Reach out to a close friend, family member, or counselor when stress hits. Find someone that you can trust and who will listen without judgment.

*Adaptogens! Adap-to-what? Adaptogens are herbs that aid in your body's natural response to stress. They help your body and mind adapt to stress, bring calmness and clarity to your mind, and improve sleep and overall sense of well-being. Adaptogens are available through teas, capsules, and other nutritional supplements.

*Eat this, not that. What we eat impacts more than just our waistline. Anxiety and stress go hand in hand more often than not. Eating a diet rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals, and aged, fermented, and cultured foods helps minimize feelings of stress and anxiety. Avoid components of the Western diet, such as foods high in bad fats, fried foods, red meat, high glycemic carbs, refined flour, and processed foods. You'll also want to limit your caffeine and alcohol consumption. If you have celiac or gluten sensitivity, avoid all gluten and always, no matter what, avoid artificial sweeteners.

When stress arises, remember that approaching it from a healthy place will help you manage it and move forward more quickly. In the process, you might find your well-being a little brighter, too!

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