Just Say No! to Cheat Meals

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

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Have you ever been on such a bland or strict diet that, eventually, you cave and eat a big meal of your favorite guilty food? You feel like you deserve it, right? After all, you're restricting so many foods that your body is screaming to have just one piece of pizza, and you end up eating the entire thing? We will call this the "cheat meal."

What I'm about to say may not be a popular opinion, and you may not like it, but hear me out. I don't believe in cheat meals or cheat days. Having a cheat meal suggests that what you're about to eat is bad for you or that you shouldn't eat it but have somehow earned it. While yes, I believe in the occasional conscious indulgence, be it pizza a burger, a bowl of ice cream, or a warm cookie. You can enjoy these mindful indulgences thoughtfully and without guilt or overindulgence. The difference between a cheat meal or day vs. a conscious indulgence is that the "cheat meal" is generally a reward for following a strict diet; a conscious indulgence isn't a reward but a part of your Empowered Health* lifestyle.

While there are a few foods that I tell my clients to avoid at all costs (i.e., artificial sweeteners, hydrogenated oils, and trans fats), consuming less than healthy foods does not make them (or the person eating them) inherently bad.

Most whole foods can be a part of your nutrition plan, and eating healthy does not have to be boring and plain. An Empowered Health nutrition plan should include some of our favorites to ensure healthy success. While we may be able to incorporate or find healthier alternatives for many of our favorite foods, some foods may not be serving your or your goals.

As one of my all-time favorite sayings goes, "You can't outrun your fork." In other words, you can't just eat whatever you want with a plan to burn it off during a workout. High-calorie meals can quickly run into the 1000-1500 calorie range if you're not aware, and the average calories burned during an intense hour of cardio are around 500 calories. So, thinking you'll run off that burrito is inaccurate.

I want you to consider that every time you say "yes" to something, you also say "no" to something else. Instead of daydreaming about your "cheat meal" or that food you're craving but won't have without beating yourself up afterward, think about all the hard work you've put into feeling confident and healthy. The hard workouts' blood, sweat, and tears empowered eating and ensuring you're getting in enough water.

Don't undermine yourself by thinking you're deprived and deserve the cheat meal when you're trying to achieve your goals.

By saying no to the big, calorie-rich meal that will last only a few minutes and leave you feeling blah, you're saying yes to your lasting goals!

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