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Wednesday, January 17, 2024

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Is snacking good or bad? The truth is, it could depend on the type of snack you choose. Science shows many benefits of snacking and eating smaller meals several times throughout the day; however, snacking can also have adverse health effects if you're not mindful.

When we think of snacks, what comes to mind first? Chips, cookies, crackers, sugary or salty trail mix, popcorn? While I believe in conscious indulgences, these foods should not be on your regular menu. Not only are they high-calorie and nutrient-depleted, but they can also lead to unwanted weight gain, sluggish energy, blood sugar spikes, and crashes, and a snowball effect of poor food choices.

When we choose nutrient-dense snacks such as fruits, vegetables, and lean protein, we can help fill in gaps where we lack essential vitamins and minerals. Snacking wisely between meals will help keep blood sugar stable, improve metabolism, and prevent us from overeating at mealtime. It can also lead to improved energy and concentration, overall lower calorie intake, and weight management. Additionally, you're more likely to eat smaller amounts and make healthier choices when you know you're eating again in just a couple of hours.

The key is planning snacks ahead of time making healthy choices easy. Having snacks high in protein and fiber will fill you up and boost your energy. An apple and a few nuts, banana and nut butter, cheese sticks and cucumbers, carrots and hummus, or plain yogurt and berries all make excellent snack options.

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