The Benefits of Nutrition Tracking: Achieving a Healthy nLifestyle without Dieting

Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Primary Blog/The Benefits of Nutrition Tracking: Achieving a Healthy nLifestyle without Dieting

I firmly believe in Conscious consumption or Empowered Eating, I.E., listening to and fueling your body properly. With that said, I also believe in the power of nutrition tracking.

Now, I might get some flack for this due to the increasing awareness around leaving the "diet culture," I am fully supportive and encouraging of never dieting again, but I want you to hear me out. Raising your awareness of what you eat and "dieting" are two different things.

Let's unpack this.

Dieting in its traditional sense of eliminating entire food groups or severely restricting yourself from certain foods or drinks is not healthy. This form of eating promotes eating disorders such as bingeing, purging, and anorexia. It also can cause feelings of shame or judgment in social and personal settings. It leads you to believe that certain foods are "good" or "bad" and that you are either good or bad based on what you eat.

I can't tell you how often clients have told me they were "bad" when discussing their food choices. Please hear me clearly; YOU are NOT bad just because you made a less-than-healthy choice.
When we approach eating from this restrictive, "good," "bad," judgemental, and shameful place, we are setting ourselves up for failure and, more often than not, health issues.
So please, I beg you. Stop "dieting."

Now that we got that out of the way, let's talk about increasing our awareness of what we eat through nutrition tracking.

When we begin to track our nutrition, we move from subconscious to conscious eating. Yes, people who think they are keenly aware of what they eat in a day will be shocked by the mindless snacking (or lack of eating) they do.

You will become more aware of what you are consuming by tracking what you eat, which will almost always cause you to pause before putting something "mindlessly" in your mouth. You will begin to think twice before eating the donut, and you might even grab an apple instead.

By being accountable to yourself and others if you choose, nutrition tracking can be an excellent way for you to become a more conscious eater and make healthier choices that you feel good about.
When you realize that the bag of chips you scarfed down before even knowing it had as many calories as an apple, string cheese, and a few nuts, you will naturally become more inclined to make healthier choices. You won't feel restricted; you'll feel empowered. And you might even start to lose a few inches, making the healthy options even more rewarding.

Nutrition tracking isn't about eliminating all the foods you enjoy or not treating yourself occasionally; it's about accountability and self-awareness. It's about slowing down before you eat to consider whether you're hungry or bored. It's about making choices based on what YOU want, not what your "diet" says you can or can't have. It's about listening to your body and noticing how you feel after eating certain things. It's about moving from subconscious to conscious eating.

When done properly and without judgment, extreme restriction, or shame, nutrition tracking can be your best asset to help you regain your consciousness around what you're consuming and set you free from never dieting again.

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