Unleashing your Best Self; the Power of Healthy Habits

Tuesday, January 16, 2024

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Let me start by asking you; How many times have you started something new with the best intentions of success only to get derailed and quit?

I'll give you an example. Imagine that you decide to start eating better and working out. You are tired of feeling sluggish from eating junk; your pants are snug, your energy is low, and you are ready to make healthier choices.

You search the web for ideas on the healthiest foods to eat, make a grocery list and join the gym down the street. You might even get your best friend or partner to join you on your health journey. Excited for the future and committed to making the changes necessary to improve your health, you start.

At first, it's going well; your fridge has never been stocked with more fruits and veggies, you're excited about cooking at home, and the gym is going well. You're feeling proud of yourself, and you should be!
You're making the changes to live healthier, and it's going well for a while. But then something happens. You slowly stop shopping for all the whole foods because you miss your sugary cereal, pizza, and sandwiches. You tell yourself you'll go back to healthy food soon, but that right now, you want your old favorites. The next thing you know, you miss a day at the gym, which is ok, but then you miss another and another, and before you know it, you haven't worked out in three weeks.
If this sounds familiar, you're not alone, and you're not a failure; you're a creature of habit.

Studies show that more than 40% of our daily actions are habits. And of that, 40%, most are done without awareness or conscious thought. You may think that you carefully decide your actions on a day-to-day basis, but the fact is that most of what we do is a result of our habits running on autopilot.
Our subconscious habits and actions are our brain's way of preserving energy for more important tasks. Imagine having to think every time you brushed your teeth, tied your shoes, backed the car out of the driveway, or decided what to have for breakfast. We would be exhausted before 9 am!
Our brain's energy preservation is great news and not great news all at once.

The great news is that our habits, actions, and patterns CAN be changed, morphed, and molded to help us live our healthiest life with ease and little energy when adequately developed.

The not-so-great news is that because our brain's conditioning to the old habits is engrained, breaking those old patterns can be challenging. However, studies also show that habits are weak, meaning that new, healthy habits can quickly replace the old unhealthy ones when given a chance to be forgotten. But the same is also true of old, unhealthy habits. When allowed to sink back into your old ways, the old, unhealthy habits can quickly return if you're not careful.

But let's return to the good news because you can never get enough of that! Am I right??

Knowing that our daily actions are primarily decided by our subconscious brain patterns than WHO we are is pretty exciting!

Imagine not feeling lazy, tired, sluggish, or unhealthy; instead, imagine feeling vibrant, energized, healthy and confident!

You can radically change your life by bringing awareness, attention, and implementation into your life through your thoughts and habits. Understanding this fact can be LIFE changing for you.

People don't fail health journeys or jump from one to the next because something is wrong with them, their motivation, or their plan. They fail because they try to reach a goal without addressing the obstacle holding them back, their habits.

When you recognize the current, unhealthy habits keeping you from achieving your health goals and commit to replacing them with new supportive habits, you won't just reach your goals; you will maintain them as well.

By mastering healthy habits and making them a part of who you are, you will gain health, confidence, time, and vitality.

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