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Tuesday, January 16, 2024

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If you've ever started a new diet, exercise program, or other healthy lifestyle practice, chances are, you experienced discomfort and resistance during integration. You likely decided to start, devised a plan, and had high hopes of success. But, like many, following through with implementation was more challenging than you had hoped.

Or perhaps you were one of the lucky ones who successfully implemented your new practice and fully integrated it into your lifestyle; for that, you should be proud. However, chances are that at some point, when starting a new healthy practice, you have encountered some challenges getting things up and running.

Don't worry; there is a reason you have hit resistance, and there is a simple yet effective solution to your struggles.

You hit the resistance because your existing habits and patterns stood in the way of your new ones. And this likely occurred without you being aware of it happening at all.

Our days are built from a long string of habits. The order in which you get ready in the morning, the way you drive to work, how you perform your work, what you do when you get home from work, the order in which you get ready for bed, and so on are all habits. Whether you realize it or not, from the moment you rise till your head hits the pillow again, most of your day is spent on autopilot.

What you might consider conscious choices are often subconscious patterns or habits. Habits are a blessing and a responsibility. Our brain creates habits, so we don't have to use energy to decide every step of our day. However, because your health, success, and life are molded and modeled through your habits, you must ensure that they guide you toward your goals, not away from them.

Therefore, integrating healthy habits that become a part of your daily routine is essential to creating long-term follow-through for an optimally healthy lifestyle.

Living a fully integrated, healthy lifestyle brings ease to your daily life. Once your healthy habits, patterns, and actions become automatic, you free up time and mind for other, more mentally taxing tasks.

Creating one healthy habit tends to lead to another and another, creating a snowball effect. When you're sleeping better, you're more likely to start exercising, which leads to eating better, more self-confidence and self-love, and so on.

The bottom line is that when you create a healthy lifestyle that becomes a part of your identity, you set yourself free from the hamster wheel of on-again, off-again healthy living. You no longer will constantly be searching for the next best system because you hold the key to your best and healthiest self.
Remember, success comes from what we do consistently rather than occasionally.

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