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Tuesday, January 16, 2024

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Whether you think you can or you can't, you're right.
- Henry Ford

How often have you wished you could do something just a little better? Or thought to yourself, "I'm just not as talented as that person"? Or do you assume that others must have an advantage that you don't have?

I'm here to tell you that while some advantages are indisputable, such as height or genetics, your mindset has more to do with whether you think you can or think you can't than your actual ability.
When faced with a new challenge or a level of growth, our ancient brain, aka the limbic brain, goes into protection mode and tells us not to move forward. This response is an automatic defense mechanism from our days as cavemen and women when we face life-threatening danger from predators.

Thankfully most of us are fortunate enough not to live in imminent danger day-to-day. Unfortunately, our ancient brain doesn't know this. Therefore, it does its best to stop us from entering uncharted territory, such as advancing into a new opportunity, becoming a healthier version of ourselves, or living outside our comfort zone.

Our minds are mighty, and they will tell us non-truths as much as truths about ourselves. The good news is that once we realize this is happening, we can step in and work towards silencing the voice in our head that is trying to keep us from moving forward.

When becoming the healthiest version of yourself, having a growth mindset is vital to ensuring long-term success. Switching the negative self-talk into positive affirmations will help you look forward to your growth and change rather than focusing on the past.

If your weight has been a long-term struggle and you want to make a permanent change, start taking notice of your positive daily habits and all the small wins or things that you now can do with more ease that may have been challenging before you began your journey.

Imagine yourself in your ideal body. How does that feel?

Once you can visualize yourself in that body and you remind yourself that yes, you can and will get there, the challenges along the way will become easier to overcome.

Or perhaps you've started a new fitness program and find some of the exercises difficult, and you automatically think you can't do it. Try picturing yourself performing that exercise with ease. Tell yourself that yes, you can. Once you decide and remind yourself that you can do it, your body will start to listen. It may not be pretty the first time, and it may take a while to feel natural, but with practice and consistent positive self-talk, you will become proficient sooner or later.

Whether your goals are to get in the best shape of your life, learn a new skill, or improve your ability in any area of your life, having a growth mindset sets those who want and those who achieve apart.

Always believe in what you can do, and you're halfway there!

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