Empowered Wellness

Group Coaching and Retreat

Revitalize Your Wellness

A Comprehensive
6-Month Journey to Empowerment and Health

Exclusive Group Coaching & Retreat for the Aspiring Woman


Do you feel:

  • ​Lack of energy: Feeling tired and fatigued, unable to muster the energy to exercise, be present, eat healthy, and rely on caffeine to keep you going?
  • ​Insecure: Hiding from mirrors, keeping the lights off, opting to cover up your body as much as possible, or doubting your ability to make lasting changes.
  • ​Stressed: Feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and maxed out, wondering how you’re going to get through the day.
  • ​Unmotivated: Waiting to feel motivated to get started, struggling to stay accountable to yourself and others.
  • ​Discouraged: Wondering what the point is, you’ve failed before, what’s going to be different this time?

How you’ll feel (this is what you could have in just 6 months or less!)

  • ​Energized: Wake up feeling rested and rejuvenated! Maintaining optimal energy all day long.
  • ​Grounded and Focused: Armed with the tools to face and manage your stress healthily and effectively, you will feel more grounded and able to stay focused on what matters.
  • ​Confident: Step into your power pose and feel the confidence you’ve always desired. You will no longer hide behind others and things but will embody confidence from the inside out.
  • ​Motivated: Discover the truth about motivation and unlock your potential by staying accountable to yourself and others with ease.
  • ​Encouraged and Empowered: By gaining confidence and experiences, you will feel encouraged and empowered to continue down your path of ultimate health and wellness for years and years to come.

Does Your Health and Wellness Need an Upgrade?

Are you constantly battling fatigue, insecurity, stress, and a lack of motivation? Do you feel discouraged by past failures? It's time for a change. Imagine waking up energized, confident, grounded, and motivated. Our 6-month program promises not just a fleeting feeling but a lifelong transformation into the woman you've always aspired to be.

Wake Up to a New You

"Your 6-Month Journey to Empowerment"

Month 1- Casting the Vision and the Eight Pillars

Dive deep into who you want to become. What does your ideal future self look like? What are the attributes and qualities of that person? What habits will you need to embody and break to become your best future self?

  • ​Week 1: The 8 pillars of health and wellness
  • ​Week 2: Who you are and where you’ve been
  • ​Week 3: Who you are becoming
  • ​Week 4: Your unique goals

Month 2- Mindset

Learn how your mindset affects your success in reaching and sustaining your goals. Discover how adopting a growth mindset is an essential piece of long term health and wellness.

  • ​Week 1: Growth vs fixed mindset
  • ​Week 2: The stories we tell ourselves
  • ​Week 3: Letting go of perfectionism
  • ​Week 4: Embracing a growth mindset

Month 3- Breaking the habit of you

Are you your own worst enemy? Discover why it’s not your fault for struggling to create lasting changes in the past and how to overcome those challenges and rewire your brain for long-term health and wellness.

  • ​Week 1: Old Patterns and Habits
  • ​Week 2: Neuroplasticity and the Brain
  • ​Week 3: Meditation and Vision Casting
  • ​Week 4: Becoming your future self

Month 4- Sustainability and Consistency

Learn how to create sustainable and consistent habits that integrate simply and easily into your life to become second nature.

  • ​Week 1: Small Steps for Big Change
  • ​Week 2: Planning Ahead
  • ​Week 3: Progress over Perfection
  • ​Week 4: Frequency is greater than Time

Month 5- Environmental Challenges

No matter how well planned your journey is, sometimes we can’t avoid the challenges, and temptations of our environment. After this month, you will learn tactics and tools to face even the most challenging of situations with confidence.

  • ​Week 1: Homelife
  • ​Week 2: Holidays and celebrations
  • ​Week 3: Acute and chronic stress
  • ​Week 4: Busy season

Month 6- Embracing the new you- playing the infinite game

Confidently embrace the new you! This isn’t the end, this is only the beginning! Learn how to gracefully and seamlessly keep the momentum moving for the infinite game of health and wellness.

  • ​​Week 1: Your new identity
  • ​Week 2: Sustaining momentum and progress
  • Week 3: Celebrating you
  • ​Week 4: The Infinite game- embodying health and wellness for life

All-Inclusive Wellness Retreat

Luxuriate in a Transformative Retreat at Civana Resort, Carefree, AZ

No health and wellness transformation would be complete without a luxurious *all-inclusive wellness retreat. This 3 night retreat is guaranteed to leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and reconnected to your purest and most authentic self.

  • ​Civana Wellness Classes
  • ​Welcome Reception and Dinner
  • ​$250 Food and Beverage Resort Credit
  • ​60-Minute Spa Service
  • ​Guest Speaker

Your Path to Empowered Wellness Awaits

Empowered Wellness: Group Coaching & Retreat

  • ​Six-month intensive group coaching program. Starting on January 9th, 2024.
  • ​Exclusive access to an all-inclusive retreat at Civana Resort, Carefree AZ.
  • ​Weekly meetings every Tuesday at 1 pm PST for dynamic group sessions and Q&A.
  • ​Engaging immersive assignments tailored to your wellness journey.
  • ​Continuous email support for your queries and guidance.
  • ​Join our private community on Mighty Networks for ongoing support and connection.

Retreat Highlights:


  • ​3 nights stay at Civana Resort Wellness Classes
  • ​Civana Wellness Classes
  • ​60-Minute Spa Service
  • ​$250 Food and Beverage Resort Credit
  • ​Welcome Reception and Dinner

Details to follow.

Valued at: $10,000

Special Offer

Single Room Occupancy: $6,500

Double Room Occupancy: $5,500

Flexible Payment Options

Pay in Full: Secure your spot with a one-time payment.

Payment Plan: Opt for a convenient 3-payment plan.


Proven Outcomes

Working with Jaime has been life-changing for me. She has helped me make the mind-body connection and improve my physical and mental approach to health, wellness, and exercise. I highly recommend working with her as her wealth of knowledge regarding total life health and wellness has supported me in achieving and sustaining my overall health goals, providing unparalleled support and success.

Julie Kilpatrick

I am not exaggerating when I say working with Jaime has changed my life. I am bringing a new level of awareness to my health and habits that never existed before. She has given me the tools, mindset and encouragement to make lasting changes in my life and my confidence has been restored as a result. I would highly recommend working with Jaime to anyone feeling "stuck" and looking to make enduring changes in their health and wellness.

Terri R

Jaime has been working with me for more than a year. I love her positive attitude and ability to work with my unique struggles while continuing to challenge me. She tailors her sessions to help me stay engaged and never bored. She is passionate about getting my health to where I can live my best life. If you want a partner on your journey to being healthful, she is the best.

Arpita V

Enrich Your Experience with Comprehensive Support

  • ​Live Weekly Group Coaching: Interactive sessions to address challenges, share tools, and ensure accountability.
  • ​Monthly Open Coaching Hours: A platform for all your burning questions and learning from peers' experiences.
  • ​Private 'Empowered Wellness' Community: Join a community of like-minded women for support, motivation, and shared growth.
  • ​WhatsApp Hotline: Quick access to support for any immediate queries or guidance needs.